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Fred and friends

Fred in Calle Santander with two of his friends.

Fred in Calle Santander with two of his friends.

Claudia, the woman in the photo, told me that there is this kid that has been asking if Fred has been around. She didn’t know his name but said he goes by almost every day. (Claudia sells shirts and trinkets at the entrance to the Callejon that goes to my place so I see her almost every day.)

Yesterday, as I was talking to her, the kid showed up. He lives not far away and came back with a tablet computer with a camera a few minutes later to take Fred’s picture.

After this meeting I headed down Santander and back on Calle Real with Fred. The bottom line is that most people want to visit with him and he wants to visit with most people. The problem is that while he is happy to visit with dogs, most of them are not happy to visit with him.


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