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March in the market

Tomatoes soaking in "cleaner".

Tomatoes soaking in “cleaner”.

For a while I was doing a market update every week. Then I had others going to the market and I was just not there on a regular basis. Clearly it is time for an update.

There have been some changes in both what is available and in prices. The big surprise is that the prices that changed went in the downward direction.

First stop was for tomatoes. What you see soaking in the bowl were Q2 per pound. In the past of have typically paid Q3 to Q4. Next I bought some peppers. Actually, three kinds:

  • Jalapeños for Q5 a pound
  • Serranos for this many (it was more than I needed) for Q1
  • Three red bell for Q1 each

Toss in Q2 of ginger and the muchacha rounded to Q10 total. The price of papaya has also dropped. I got a decent sized one for Q10.

I noticed three green platanos under a huge pile of ripe ones. I have been looking for them for ages to make tostones. I got them for Q1 each. The woman asked “are you going to eat them like that”. I said yes and explained. Apparently tostones are not on the menu in Guatemala.

What I didn’t buy but saw was quite a bit of yuca. For another day. Also, strawberries were Q3 per pound, down from Q5.


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