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Best breakfast in town?

Best breakfast?

Best breakfast?

I have been eating more breakfasts at Ricassoli than any other place in town. Second is Lazarroni’s Pizza which has the same owner and same menu. The best breakfast comment came from a person at the next table telling that to someone in the street. I have seen both of them there many times since.

After the rather uninteresting breakfast near the market that was advertised as Q10 and cost Q15, I figured I should post the info on what I do think is the best choice at a great price.

It is located on Calle Santander between PanaRock (on the left) and Supermarket Santander (on the right). Open a bit before 8AM. The tipico, my standard of comparison, breakfast is Q18. What you get is:

  • Two eggs, whatever style you want
  • Black beans
  • Fresh cheese
  • Guacamole on a piece of lettuce
  • Fruit (typically watermelon but you apparently can ask for other choices)
  • Tortillas or bread
  • Coffee

They also have a good assortment of lunches. One plus on the lunch menu is that their vegetable soup actually have chunks of veggies in it. Most places serve something that looks like it came out of the blender.

If you eat there and your waitress is so short that the bar is neck level on her, say hi to Rosita.

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