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Need firewood?

Firewood to be bundled and sold.

Firewood to be bundled and sold.

This is the kind of firewood you typically see in Panajachel. Usually you find it distributed in bundles like the one in the photo. More times than not, it is an indigenous woman walking along with a bundle to sell.

The way it seems to work is that wood cut to short lengths. It is generally an assortment of branches and split logs. It is dropped off in Pana by the pickup load. The people, mostly women, make the bundles. Some is sold where they are and some are carried around town looking for buyers.

This particular picture is taken a block from the market on Calle de Los Arboles (beside BanRural). Another common location where you see this happening is at the corner of Calles Rancho Grande and Frutales.

I have heard of prices from Q5 to Q20 a bundle. I also heard the response of a local to a man asking Q20 for a bundle: “Muy caro”.

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