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Meat, anyone?

Meat market just outside the public market.

Meat market just outside the public market.

I picked this particular place for the photo because of the natural light. It is certainly not unique. Finding fresh meat and sausage in Panajachel is trivial. This particular place is just south of the market building.

Not being a meat eater I can’t recommend the place with the best meat or the best prices but here are some places I have seen fresh meat being sold:

  • Multiple “stores” on the south side of the public market proper
  • All along the sides of the upstairs part of the public market. This is on the north end of the market building and there much be a dozen or more places. Some specialize in chicken, others in beef and still others various types of sausages.
  • Downstairs on the south side are a couple of places that sell chicken and, occasionally, someone else with chicken in the open area downstairs.
  • There is one or two other stores selling fresh meat on the right side of Calle Real when heading up toward the market.

Finally, if you want really fresh chicken, it is not uncommon to see someone selling pollo al pie near the SE corrner of the market building. In other words, live chicken.

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