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El Cafecito

Tasty stuff at fair prices.

Tasty stuff at fair prices.

El Cafecito is a little hole in the wall bakery on Calle Santander all too close to my house. The issue is that they have pastries that are pretty, tasty and fairly priced. Thus, they are too convenient. That it, is it all too tempting to go there and grab something I don’t need.

The photo is from the street and that is the total size of the place itself. It is located in a commercial center and there are a couple of tables located in the plaza area that are related to it. Thus, coffee and a pastry is a reasonable option as well as something to go.

The typical price is Q20 for either a portion of something to go or eating it there with a cup of coffee. I have also bought whole pies of mango and mora (blackberry) for only Q40. They were not disgustingly sweet tasting more like fresh fruit in a crust.

Closeup of part of the pastry case at El Cafecito on Calle Santander.

Closeup of part of the pastry case at El Cafecito on Calle Santander.

Here is a closeup of part of the pastry case. You can see the attention to detail that is, well, not typical here. I have been told that the owner of El Cafecito is German. Based on what I see, that is not a surprise.

While you primarily find pastries (including fruit cheesecakes), they sometimes have breads and even some really tasty granola. My suggestion is that if you live nearby, you never go there as it can become habit-forming. On the other hand, if you live in San Antonio or Glendale, California, stop by when you are in the area. 🙂

Note to Annie (who suggested more photos of “food places”): San Antonio is a community a few km from Panajachel. It was not intended to be a reference to where you live. I laughed when I realized I had picked it rather tna Jaibalito or San Marcos.

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    I just over there to drop off a copy of this post (both in English and Spanish) and couldn’t pass up a piece of strawberry cheesecake. It was particularly rich but I didn’t notice why until I was almost done. The bottom crust was full of chunks of macadamia nuts. For my health, I really need to move. 🙂

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