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Kidnapping in Pana

Yes, there were some kidnappings in Pana. The reason for this post is to help non-Spanish speakers understand they are not the likely victim of such crimes.

I know about this because my part-time maid just told me about it. Unfortunately, her story only said (me translating) “these people were kidnapped in Panajachel last Tuesday. I quickly went looking for the details and, well, it doesn’t sound scary.

I found an article in Prensa Libre titled Capturan a cuatro presuntos secuestradores en Panajachel which is the update. Here is a quick (Google translate) translation of part of the article

SOLOLÁ The captured, who were noted to be members of the band the Scorpions are Tuy Sicajau Luis Antonio, 31; Francisco Ordoñez Miguel Mejia, 46, Marivel Tahay Miriam Leon, 35, and Bernardina Chaclan Tax, 34 .

Tax Chaclan is originally from the village of Las Canoas, San Andrés Semetabaj, Solola.

According to the anti-kidnapping agents this woman is the financier of the criminal gang operating in Solola.

Sicajau Tuy, was in charge of the negotiations; Ordoñez Mejía, was in charge of collecting ransom, and Tahay de León, was responsible for finding and analyzing potential victims of kidnapping.

The detainees are accused of the abduction and disappearance of community leader Carlos Miguel Corner Petzey, 41, who was kidnapped on November 7, 2013 on the route between San Andrés and San Lucas Semetabaj Tolimán.

While this is not exactly good news, it sounds like typical gang activity that seems to have grown up in Los Angeles, California. It also sounds like Gringos are not the specific target. Read the full article to get more of the picture.

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