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El Intermedio -- the big little store in Jucanyá.

El Intermedio — the big little store in Jucanyá.

When you go out shopping in Panajachel proper you generally head for something on Calle Real. That will get you to most of the banks, COLUA, Sandra’s and Chalo’s supermarkets, lots of second hand stores, a few hardware stores and to the public market.

While far from an exhaustive set of businesses, combined with the touristy Calle Santander it offers a lot of options. But, what if you live in Jucanyá? That is, across the river from the business heart of Pana?

Intermedio is the name of an area in Jucanyá. Supermercado El Intermedio is the biggest store but the area is as close as you get to a business core in Jucanyá. If you are actually entering Jucanyá as opposed to just on the highway from Pana to San Antonio, you will probably end up there. Cross the TukTuk bridge and continue on, turn off the road to San Antonio to head to the beach in Jucanyá or just about anything else and you end up there.

This building, the supermarket, offers an interesting assortment of things. Beer and booze (it’s on the road to the beach), assorted canned food and sauces, bread, school supplies and assorted plastic and metal things for you kitchen is most of what you find but not all. All in all an interesting assortment.

Surrounding that store is a propane place, a couple of other tiendas of stuff, a place with fresh fruit and veggies, a decent hardware store and more. Wandering off a bit will get you to tortilla vendors, more fresh produce places and even places that offer pre-cooked beans.

If you are in Jucanyá, get to know Intermedio.

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