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New Gringo feedback

Angelina's son Tony and daughter Sandra in January 2013.

Angelina’s son Tony and daughter Sandra in January 2013.

A friend who I first met in Costa Rica about 10 years ago is here visiting. He has been living in Panama but “needs a change”. I thought it would be interesting to talk a bit about the opinions of a Gringo with Central America experience. That is, what he thinks of Panajachel and Lake Atitlan.

I sent this photo to my friend Keith in Panama about a year ago. His comment was “here, the Indians don’t smile”. I consider this his starting point with modern-day Panajachel. He has been having health problems with the hot and humid weather where he lives and is looking for an alternative. He showed up here a week ago to “give Pana a try”.

The executive summary is that he is now looking into residency, moving options and such. His positive comments include:

  • The Maya are friendly, smile a lot and are beautiful in the sense that you see real people when you look in their eyes.
  • Yes, there are stores with all sorts of stuff.
  • Lots of food options.
  • Great weather.
  • The Spanish spoken here is better than where he lives in Panama. That is, no missing vowels and such.

In any case, it sounds like Panajachel will have a new resident soon.

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