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Why send a Nicaraguan to the hardware store?

I have been doing some electrical work and needed some supplies. As my wife was heading off to buy some stuff, I asked her to pick up some stuff at the hardware store for me. Nothing magic, just some 1/2″ PVC ductos, curvas, … and some paint. I suggested Central Ferreteria as I was sure they would have what I wanted and it was near where she was heading anyway.

An hour later she was back with the stuff. No surprise there but then she started telling me about her negotiations for better prices. My theory is that you need to negotiate prices on the street and most places where there are no posted prices. I will also negotiate if I am buying quite a few of something. Otherwise, I just pay what is asked. Well, in Nicaragua, you always negotiate. My wife didn’t see why it would not work in the hardware store.

Bottom line is that it did. Discounts ranged from 10% (on a can of paint) to 20% on the 10 ductos. Total saving was about Q25 but, now that I know it works, I will try it on larger purchases.

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