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What’s with the wind?

Wind velocity for the last week.

Wind velocity for the last week.

While I was not here this time last year (I left in early January returning in March), the recent wind velocity seems out of character based on the time I have been here. (The graphic at the left is from the weather station we have on the site. But, the station is relatively new so we have no historical data for past years yet.) Not being the expert, I decided to ask.

In a conversation with the (I assume) owner of the Mexican restaurant on Calle de Los Arboles, I brought up the wind. He said that while wind this time of year is not unusual, the velocity has been much higher than is typical. Is it the recent earthquakes (which one person suggested)? Climate change? Or just our imagination that something changed?

One thing is for sure, it has been colder here which we can attribute to the wind coming from the Northwest.

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