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Jucanyá beach on Sunday afternoon

Fred willingly goes for a dip.

Fred willingly goes for a dip.

The plan was to go there on Sunday morning as it tends to be full of folks including a few religious bands. But, a water problem altered my day. Plus, Margarita is not a morning person. So, it was not until the afternoon that the three of us (Margarita, Fred and myself) headed for the beach.

Margarita had never been there and I had never been there on Sunday afternoon. It turned out to be a really nice trip.

There was a futbol game going on in the field just off Santander so we walked up to Puente La Amistad and then down the main road to the beach. There were a few dog encounters but they tended to get less hostile as we got closer to the beach. I noticed this before. We got to the beach and started walking along it toward the river.

As seems to be typical, lots of kids came over to visit with Fred. There were lots of other dogs there but they didn’t seem interested in Fred and the kids didn’t seem interested in them.

Once we got back near the river Fred just headed for the water and, at one point, decided to lay down in it. This was a surprise as Fred tends to run to the other side of the house if you even turn on the garden hose. Margarita took off her shoes and walked out into the water with him.

The beach wasn’t as crowded as on a Sunday morning but there were lots of people. The total Gringo count seemed to be one — me — but it always just feels more comfortable there than on the beach in Pana with the continuous stream of vendors and restaurants actively looking for customers.

We walked back along the river up to the is it really safe to walk over bridge and got back home with no more dog confrontations.


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