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Feeding Vegetarians

My mother-in-law is coming to visit soon. She’s vegetarian and I just started thinking about her food options. She eats eggs and dairy but, unlike me, not fish. It got me thinking about food options in Pana.

Breakfast options are easy. Most of the restaurants have meat-free options A typical breakfast in just about any place will be eggs, beans, cheese and tortillas. In the better places, expect guacamole and/or fruit to be included as well. There are also quite a few places with pancakes, some with whole wheat. Breakfast is easy.

Some places offer dinners that are the same as breakfast so that is certainly an option. You see, the big meal of the day is lunch. So, what’s for lunch?

On Calle Santander there are lots of places that offer pasta dishes from pesto to cheese-heavy dishes. At least two places (José Pingüinos being one of them) offer vegetarian lasagna. Paris Paris as well as Valentino’s Steak House offers vegetarian burritos as does the Mexican restaurant on Calle de Los Arboles. Vegetarian street food also exits.

For something vegetarian and more ethnic, Asian food is available. It also tends to be vegan. Las Chinitas offers Asian meals where meat options include tofu and tempehs. Arang is a Korean restaurant with vegan choices. Hana, the Japonese restaurant that recently moved to Casa Kachikel is another option.

Another restaurant that offers flexibility is Tuscany, pretty much across from the post office (correos). The owner tends to be creative and will happily prepare something vegetarian.

Two non-typical options exist that are really food from El Salvador, pupusas. They are available from a little restaurant along the lake and also at Chero’s bar. If you are looking for selection, check out Chero’s. They have a menu with a list lots of options, half of which are vegetarian, all at Q10 each (two minimum).

For those not familiar with Guatemala, smoking is not permitted inside of businesses. For me, it’s a nice change from Nicaragua. I mention this as it seems the number of vegetarians who smoke seems to be close to zero.

This is far from an extensive list but my mother-in-law won’t starve nor will any other vegetarian that comes to town.

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  • I wish progressives could stop talking about “vegetarianism” and start talking about “high vegetable diets”. For most people, especially type Os, the latter is much more practical, and since we all know relatively small and smooth changes associate much better with psychological health than do quick radical and especially stressful ones, I think you’re more likely to get the maximal affect, and probably more likely to net out a larger number of vegetarians too. Personally, I’ve been finding keeping the optimized focus away from fruit, and largely on vegetables, is helping my digestion most, and keeping my health better generally. Also, I particularly like the angle this physician takes:


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