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Fred’s “special place”

This seems to be his favorite spot.

This seems to be his favorite spot.

Fred grew up with a chain link fence between him and the road so he was used to being able to see what was passing by. Here there is a wall and the portons. He seems to have settled on a routine where he only barks at certain cars and certain TukTuks. I don’t know how he decides which ones to bark at but I guess it is up to him.

His life is complicated by the fact that he really likes people so he spends a lot of time in/near the house but that doesn’t give him quick access to his “barking area”. This location seems to be his current compromise.

This is a little step to nowhere which I assume was useful in some past incarnation of the front yard. Now it seems to be “Fred’s special place”. On his right is the people porton — just in case someone comes in to visit him. To his left is quick access to running along the fence that divides the yard from the street. And, finally, he is positioned so that he can watch the house — just in case there are some humans anxiously waiting for his company.

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