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One of the types of passion fruit.

One of the types of passion fruit.

That’s what’s new in the market. I saw them in three or four places — all vendors on the street next to the market. I didn’t see any for sale inside.

There appear to be lots of types of passion fruit. But, no matter, this is one. Apparently not as popular as jocote as I have not seen any skins or seeds tossed along the street like I did a peak jocote time.

It is interesting to me how some things seem to have an almost continuous season. I contrast this with Nicaragua where most local products seem to have short seasons. I attribute this to more land at higher altitudes in Guatemala which means you can cultivate sub-tropical plants year round.

A good example of this is apples. There are still some nice crisp apples appearing in the market. They seem to be up to Q5/lb but that’s fine. Broccoli is still in the Q3-Q4/head range. Goat cheese is now Q24, a couple of Q higher than a few months ago.

I am guessing we are at the tail end of papaya season. A few months ago you could find papaya for Q7 or Q8. A few weeks ago it was Q10 or Q11. Today, the cheapest I found a decent-sized one was Q13. (I need to try to convince Fred the dog that we need an alternative to papaya daily.)

One thing that seems to never change in price is ocean fish. I have been paying Q35/lb for tuna and mahi-mahi ever since I moved here. If you are looking for it, there is usually a man selling it at the SE entrance to the market building (corner closest to the Alcaldia). He even speaks some English. He tends to do that with me — to practice I think. One day I said, in Spanish, “If you are going to keep talking to me in English I will need to learn it.” He looked really surprised — before we both started laughing.

How much did I buy? (This is inspired by deciding to keep track where I spend money.) Q109.50 today. Over half of that was tuna and goat cheese. The rest included apples, snow peas, avocados, potatoes, broccoli and papaya.

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