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Getting something notarized

I just needed to get a document notarized or, more accurately, a notarization that said this was a true copy of the original. Once I verified that the notarization was acceptable in Spanish I headed off to get the job done. Fifteen minutes later where 10 minutes of that was walking, I have what I need.

I headed to Jokasta Vasquez de Leon who is located very close to COLUA, the Credit Union in Pana. (Her office is on the street that goes between Calle Real and Calle de los Arboles.) She had been recommended by others to do real estate work so I saw this as an inexpensive test.

I explained what I needed and was told it would cost Q50. (Is there anything a lawyer would do in the US for $6?) I said that was fine and five minutes later I had a document with a customized paragraph, signatures on the front and back and two timbres (stamps).

Can’t argue with that.

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