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Today at the lake

Clear, calm and perfect.

Clear, calm and perfect.

Fred the dog is still recovering from being home alone for almost five days. He’s very social and wants to meet people plus, being a sled dog, he wants exercise. Running back and forth in front of the porton when a TukTuk goes by doesn’t seem to equal being out on the street. So, today we went for a walk to the lake.

We walked down Santander to the lake with lots of stops along the way for Fred to socialize. He was still a bit hyper with me but when a little girl — probably less than two — wanted to pet him he was a perfect gentleman. Even though I have seen this for over 30 years, it still amazes me how samoyeds adjust their actions to the size and abilities of who is there. This is not just with people — Fred’s dad had a deeper bark for talking with bigger dogs. Thank you Stan Rolinski who, in 1967, introduced me to samoyeds.

The photo was taken on the lake in front of the Sunset Cafe. Amazingly clear, wind speed 2-3m/s and about 23C. (I cheated and looked up what the weather was earlier today on the weather page.) That is about as close to perfect as you can get in my book.

On the way back Fred had become a bit more manageable. The high point was when I stopped to buy some tortillas and he sat quietly just inside the door so he could be in the shade while the muchacha was making them. I think if someone will just borrow him and walk him a few km every day, he will become a lot easier to deal with.

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