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Alternative transportation to Guatemala City

This morning I discovered that there really are direct shuttles, at a fair price, from Pana to Guatemala City. I have been thinking that someone should offer shuttle trips that do not include the time-consuming side trip to Antigua. Well, they do.This morning I was waiting for the 0640 direct bus to Guatemala City (which usually gets there at 0650). A guy pulled up in a yellow van and came over to talk to those of us who might be headed to Guate. His story was simple. He takes you to where you want to go in Guate for Q100. The trip is direct — no sidetrip to Antigua. I did some quick arithmetic. The bus costs Q30 and a taxi from Trebol to the airport costs between Q25 and Q35, depending on the phase of the moon. Call that Q60 total. For an additional Q40 I get there faster and in more comfort. Sold.

In comparison, the “regular” shuttle, meaning the one you book through travel agents, currently costs Q170 (probably more for Gringos) and goes through Antigua. That made it a pretty easy choice. There were only two of us in the shuttle. We left at 0710 and and I was at the airport terminal at about 1000.

I asked the driver about schedules and such. He explained that there are 30 “independent shuttles”. The standard trip from Pana to Guate leaves between 0600 and 0700. The also pick people up at the airport and do other trips. For example, for Q700 they will make a private trip, picking up your whole family (including your dog) at the airport (or any other place in Guatemala City) and take you to Pana.

If you want something besides standing around waiting for their standard trip, call Luis at 5989-3321.



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