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The right footware

If you have walked much on Calle Santander you will understand.

If you have walked much on Calle Santander you will understand.

I mentioned my new shoes in Visiting Sololá but I didn’t explain why they were a good thing. If you have been here and walked around much, you will probably figure it out. Or even if you have spent any time in a park in Guatemala City, Estelí, Managua, Alajuela, …

All of these places are filled with people, generally young boys, wanting to shine your shoes. At first, I used the logical approach — I kept my shoes shined really well. But, that doesn’t work. Five minutes after you get a shine (that’s what they say to Gringos — lustre to others), the next kid will suggest he can make them shine better.

My purchase was an experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if a shine was not an option. The first time I wore them, one kid started to speak and then looked at my shoes and then walked off. Not one word since. Considering I was used to hearing shine/lustre from three to ten times in a day of walking in town, it was a great investment. Besides, they are really comfortable.

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