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Fixing a porton

Whenever something needs to be changed or repaired, the question of whether you should do it yourself or hire someone comes up. The bottom of our small (people-sized) porton was seriously rusted out. While sanding and paint would have made it look okay, falling apart within a year seemed likely. So, the decision was to fix it.

Ana found the person to do it. I have the tools (grinder, welder, …) to do it but it was going to be more errand running and grunt work than made sense. This morning two guys showed up in a TukTuk complete with replacement metal (about a 1″ x 4″ piece the width of the porton), welder, grinder and paint.

They took off the porton, cut off the rusted part, fitted the new piece and welded it on. They then sanded the porton, painted the whole thing and hung it back up. My only involvement was to say “si” when they asked if they could borrow my ladder.

All in all, they were here for about three hours. Materials consumed included the metal, welding rods, grinder disc and paint. Total cost: Q150. I would have spent more than that on materials because, for example, you can’t buy just the quantity of paint needed.

To me, this is yet one more example of something missed in cost of living price comparisons. What would this have cost in Los Angeles or New York?

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