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October site changes

Boats on the lake.

Boats on the lake.

If you read my plan you know it was to have a Front Page starting once a month but eventually once a week that would link to the new articles. I liked the idea and still do but the Internet reality is that this is not a good approach to get things on the site to appear in search engines. So, I am abandoning that approach in favor of the more traditional Blog format. That is, when a new article is published, it appears at the top of the front page and older articles are moved down the page.

The change shouldn’t really make a change in how you can use the site. That is, articles can still be found by any of the following methods:

  • Tags — using the tag cloud
  • Category — select the category you want to see
  • Search — put keywords in the search box
  • Chronological — just more down through the posts to get to older ones

The big thing missing is participation. Reading information is one thing but AtitlanLife needs contributors. I, for example, live in Panajachel and have my own set of interests. For this site to be useful to all it needs contributions for others, around the lake. There is no time like the present to start contributing.

Weather Information

The weather station seems to be a success. While I still have work to do to properly integrate it into the site, the link in the header takes you to a page with the display options. They include a full page of information and special formats for SmartPhones and minimalist data. The software is keeping past information and you can select to view current data, a week of data, a month or a year. A year from now we will have enough data that historical comparisons will start to get interesting.

Web Camera

A camera is ordered and on the way. I opted for one that could not be remotely panned — mostly because the combination of weatherproof and remote control was not what I had hoped for. For the past few months you could have mostly had a view of clouds and fog but it should be in operation for the sunny and clear season ahead.

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