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Medical Resources

This is a post based on a printed list I received dated August 2012. I don’t know who the author is. If you have newer/different information, please post it as a comment here. I will try to keep this information up to date. Note that I have made some minor corrections and editorialized within [ ].

Medical Practicioners

Doctor Luis de Pena [Peña?], Barrio Norte, phone: 5994 9102, Specialty: General Medicine, Languages: English and Spanish, Hours: By appointment.

Doctor Marvin A. Ramos Tello, 7a Ave. 11-52, Zona 2, Sololá, phone 7762 4146 [Sololá address but Pana phone?], Specialty: Trauma and orthopedics, Lanaguage: Spanish, National Hospital, Sololá.

Healer James Easter, Jucanyá, phone: 4219 5354, Specialty: San Zhen and auricular acupuncture, tui-na, gigong therapy, herbal medicine, Languages: English and Spanish, Hours: By appointment only.

Doctor Zully Arroyave, Panachel home, phone: 5051 5225, Sololá office, Specialty: Internal Medicine, Languages: Spanish and a little English, Hours: IGS, emergencies after 6PM.

Doctor Luis Cordon Léon, Panajachel, phone: 5528 6342, Specialty: The aging, care at home, Language: Spanish, Hours: By appointment.

Doctor Silvia Cu, Calle La Navidad, phones 5936 8441, 7762 2366, Specialty: General, Hours 4PM on.

Doctor Chito, Panajachel, phone: 4090 9822, Specialty: general medicine, Languages: English and Spanish, Hours: By appointment.

Doctor Guido Aguilar, lives in Guatemala City, Panajachel weekends, Specialty: psychologist, Language: ?, Hours: By appointment.

Doctor Jorge Nejandro Paiz Macz, Centro Commercial San Rafael, psychiatrist, Languages: Spanish and English, Hours: By appointment.

Doctor Susana de Paz, Panajachel, phones: 5880 6136, 4099 2820 and 5330 0055, specialty: general medicine, Language: English, hours: 8-12 & 14:30-1700, Saturdays 8-12.

Doctor Jessica Chan, Panajachel, phones 5880 6136, 4099 2820 and 5330-0055, specialty: Gyn and Obstretics, Language: English, hours 8-12 & 1430-1700, Saturdays 8-12.

Doctor Wendy Canel, Panajachel, phones: 5880 6136, 4099 2820 and 5330 0055, specialty: Pediatrics, Language: English, hours 8-12 & 1430-1700, Saturdays 8-12.

Nurse Marlene Kool, Barrio Norte, phone: 7762 0234, Specialty: terminal patients, Languages: Spanish and English, Available hours: By appointment.

Nurse Patty Armas, phone: 5539 1211, General nursing including injections, Charge of Pharmacy, National Hospital [Sololá?], Available hours: By appointment.


National Hospital, Sololá, phones 7762 4121 and 7762 4122 [Pana numbers?], free except for medicines.

Hospitalito Atitlan, Santiago, phones: 7721 7692 and 7721 7683, hours 8-12 & 1400-1600, Services: Elective surgery, hernia repair, gall bladder removal, some OB surgeries, 24 hour ER, x-ray, lab, labor and delivery, in patient rooms, Dr. Brent Burket in charge.

Clinica Cazzaz Bracamonte-Rovelo, Barrio Norte, phone: 4147 6039, hours: 0800-1300 and 1800-2000 Monday through Saturday, Services: General consulting, x-ray, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, lab, in patient rooms, Nurses Gloria Marina Chacoj Salpor and Yuridia Gabriela Tobias Xamba.


Imessa, 6a Ave 13-01, Zona 2, Sololá, phone: 5461 3529, x-ray, ultrasound, mamograms, Hours 0700-1800, Monday-Friday, 0800-1300 Saturday.

Centro de Salud, Calle Principal, phone: 7762 1259, hours: 24/7, no medicines. (Farmacia Batres is across the street, open 24/7.)

Atitlab, Dr Magda Teresa, Calle Principal, phones: 7762 1224 and 7762 1069.

Barrio Norte, Doctors Juan Pablo Escobar and father, phone 7762 2085, hours 0800 to 1800.

Laboratory La Asuncion Panajachel, Calle Principal, Callejon María Cruz, office 6-C, phone: 7762 6268, hours Monday-Froday, 0700 to 1700, Saturday 0730-1200, Emergency 24 hours.


Farmacia Batres, Calle Principal, phone: 7762 1485, 24/7, delivery available.

Farmacia Santander, Dr. Amilcar Urcan, to of Calle Santander, phones: 7762 0028 and 5450 4779, speaks English.


Claudia and Mario René Valladares, Calle Santander, phone: 5208 6437, specialty: general dentistry, dentures, bridges, hours: By appointment.

Emilio, Santander, phone: 7762 1340, Specialty: implants.

Carlos Rodolfo Garcia, phone: 7762 1573, hours: 1630-2030 Monday-Friday, 0900-1300 Saturday.

Physical Therapist

Evelyn Lorena Hernandez, Casa del Rio San Francisco, Barrio Norte, phone: 5754 9999, Language: Spanish, hospital affiliation: Centro Clinica, Panajachel.


Ferretería San Luis, Sololá, phone: 5501 9719. Owners: Edna and Juan Francisco

Garasa, S.A., 11 Calle 7-14, Zona 2, Sololá, phones: 7762 5333 and 7762 3097 [Pana numbers?] Large and small oxygen tanks.


Calle Principal, phone: 7762 2759, free transportation to Sololá, Q700 to Guatemala City plus food for two.


7762 1120 and 4129 4000

Medical Appliances

Canes, crutches, wheelchairs.

RCR, 17 Ave A, 6-05, Zona 15, Colonia Maestro #2, Guatemala City, phones: 2369 0775 and 2369 6918

Rental All, O Calle, 15-25, Zona 156, Colonial El Maestro, Guatemala City, phone: 2369 2589

Oxygen tank rental — Jennifer, phone: 5458 1984

Helicopter: [link supplied was bad]


4 comments to Medical Resources

  • Jan Darbonne

    I need to find a psychiatrist in Panajachel. I’ve found two names on the internet but can’t find a telephone number for one (Dr. Jorge Alejandro Paiz Macz) and the other psychiatrist may only see children (Lil

  • Jan Darbonne

    Sorry, the last message was incomplete. The second name was Liliam Alvarez, but I have since found on the internet that she is a psychologist and I need a psychiatrist for meds.

  • admin

    I am not sure exactly what you need but here are a couple of suggestions.
    First, if you just want to buy meds, it is likely you don’t need to do anything more than go to a pharmacy. In general, you can buy whatever you want.

    As for finding Dr. Jorge Paiz, if he is in Pana it is likely other medical professionals will know how to contact him. A good place to start would be the Centro de Salud on Calle Principal. Pana is a small town and it is generally pretty easy to find people just by asking around.

  • hi all,
    saw the dentists on site.r they the only 1s? but really I need a denturist not implants or at least my pocketbook does!

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