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I’m not disappointed

On yesterday’s market trip it finally happened. I didn’t see anything new. There was, for example, a great assortment of fruit including apples, blackberries, papaya and strawberries but nothing new to describe here. Now, there are lots of things sold here and it is likely I missed some strange fruit or vegetable (and I was in a hurry) but nothing new for a photo.

As I was eating my breakfast I was thinking about writing this article and how I was disappointed there was nothing new to document. I started thinking about what I was eating and realized I had no need to be disappointed. What was on the table in front of me told me why. Here is what I saw:

  • A local egg.
  • Garbanzos stir fried with local onion, garlic, zucchini, bell pepper and basil. Yes, the garbanzos were from a package — leftovers from making hummus or I would have been eating my usual local black beans — but that’s it. I even had bought local garlic instead of the typical stuff imported from China. Same price but smaller but I discovered it was stronger so you get the same or more garlic taste per clove.
  • Tortillas — made as I watched.
  • Locally made goat cheese with herbs. They always seem amused when I say con marijuana even though the also always clarify that it is just with herbs.
  • Local coffee from Jaibalito (so it probably traveled across the lake on a local boat).
  • Local avocado.
  • Local strawberries.

Not all meals are so local but they tend to come close. I buy exotic imports such as nori and tamari and have some dried spices in jars (I need to get some spices planted) but most of what I eat is local. And that is the case year round. It’s not like up north where fresh means trucked hundreds or flown thousands of miles half the year. While mango season seems to be over, I can survive on only papaya, banana, apple, pear, fig, strawberry, blackberry, … until mango season rolls around again. Yeah, I’m not disappointed.

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