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Weather Station

The weather station has now moved — both physically and where it lives on-line. Still some work to do but, for now, you can find it on the CasasDeRocio site.

6 comments to Weather Station

  • admin

    Pardon the missing data. The battery in the weather station died long before that death was expected. While I received a warning, it took longer than anticipated to find a replacement. It’s a CR123A Lithium battery which are used in some cameras but “The Kodak place” was temporarily out of stock.

    In any case, all should be well now.

  • admin

    Once again, pardon the service interruption. Apparently the power in Pana went off a few minutes after I left town on Sunday and was off long enough that the UPS battery died.

    More things to “improve”.

  • admin

    And here we go again. The weather station thinks the battery is dead but it is not. I have put a lot of time into trying to sort this out — so far without success. Works fine in the daytime. Tomorrow I will try again to sort this out.

  • SB

    I appreciate the Pana weather data. However I cannot tell just where in town the station is located? Also, who are you?

  • admin

    I’m felipe, the guy with the weather station. 🙂 The easy to find reference is the old Texaco on Calle Principal.

  • CGunn

    Hey! I was so excited to find a personal weather station in Pana. I’m coming down April first to live and wanted to set one up, but now I know there already is one.
    Have you considered connecting your station to Weather Underground? http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/whatispws.asp
    I would love to see Pana on the WU map! 🙂
    Maybe I’ll drop by the station when I get settled at my new place.

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