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September site news

Around the beginning of the century (never got to use that before) a friend who was living in Costa Rica told me something very important. He said “Mañana doesn’t mean tomorrow. It just means not today.” That helped me adjust to Latin America. This month I want to invoke that rule.

First, about that weather station. It works great but the computer interface that I was supposed to receive in mid-August still isn’t here. So, I guess it will be “mañana”. Sorry. Update: I just received email (4PM on a Friday, perfect) that it is finally in Guatemala City. It will be sent GuatEx to me early next week so, there is hope.

As for my responsibilities, I have been very busy with perfecting a new house. Not a lot of things and no one thing took a lot of time but the work continues. Thus, less time for Atitlan Life. That means less articles than I would like and less promotion. But, I don’t get responsibility alone. All of you can be writing articles and promoting the site. While I can “build it”, you need to help.

My biggest accomplishment was upgrading some software which, apparently, broke the photo galleries. I have been expecting an update to the gallery software but if it doesn’t happen soon, I have a new programming project on my agenda. Sorry.

There is still a web cam on the projects list but it got delayed by me not having a good way to get packages from the US quickly into my hands. The research for the right solution has, like everything else, taken too much time but I think I am finally there.

That’s about it as far as site news. As always, we appreciate feedback.

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