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Cheap internet with a mesh network

Mesh NetworkAre you an occasional Internet user that either is sick of going to Internet cafes or paying all too much for your service? Or having to pay for a telephone line you never use in order to get DSL service? If there a few of us in this boat, a mesh network may be a good fit.

If this sounds interesting, an article in Mother Jones is worth reading. Non-technical, it talks about mesh networks with some good examples. While the article has a political tone, what can be done is clearly expressed.

To take the idea local, think about COLUA, the financial cooperative (Credit Union in Gringo terms) that serves this area. While COLUA has a connection with a bank for non-local transactions, they can do a lot of stuff locally. The net result is better service and lower costs. A mesh network is similar. A small number of members would have fast Internet connections. Network users would share this connections for traffic that needed to go over the Internet but the network could offer local services as well decreasing the demand for Internet bandwidth.

With companies making equipment specifically designed for low-cost mesh networks this is no longer a geek-only project. The buzzwords are low cost, easy installation and enhanced reliability. If you are interested, drop me an email at mesh@atitlanlife.com. If there is sufficient interest, we can meet and talk about how to turn this into a reality.

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