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Crossing the TukTuk bridge

Pana side of the TukTuk bridge today.

Pana side of the TukTuk bridge today.

I used to do this every day but haven’t been there in a week. This is what the Pana side looks like today. Crossing in a TukTuk is not going to happen right now and unless you are a motorcycle daredevil, even that isn’t an option.

When I stopped to take this photo one person on a motorcycle had just dragged his bike around to return to Jucanyá and another person very carefully carred his bicycle over the abyss.

For those of you not familiar with this bridge, here is a bit of history. It was constructed specifically to allow TukTuks to cross between Panajachel and Jucanyá after Puente La Amistad was damaged in a storm and closed. Most of the bridge is constructed from an old shipping container with a metal telephone pole, some other scrap and some wood making up all the pieces. It is supported by concrete columns which were apparently left over from an earlier bridge at this location.

The wood decking part of the bridge was somewhere between dangerous and missing and back in June it was all replaced. It wasn’t exactly wonderful to cross but you figured you would probably live.

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