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What’s a NIT?

When shopping in some stores, namely the ones where you get a receipt, they ask me for a NIT. What is a NIT? Do I need one?

2 comments to What’s a NIT?

  • admin

    The short answer is that it is a tax ID number, similar to a TIN in the US. If you import things (even for personal use) you will probably need one. Go to a SAT office with a copy of your DPI to get one.

    Yes, too many abbreviations and there is a lot more to say about this. As it is for the whole country, not just the lake area, I will be posting details on the A42.com web site.

  • Terry

    If you are temporarily in Guatemala and want to receive a package that will need to go through customs, you can do this without a NIT. Send the package via regular mail. (If you don’t have a mailing address or PO box you can still do this by addressing it to Lista de Correos in your town.)

    You will be notified when the package is in customs. For Q75 correos will take care of customs clearance. You just fill out a form and give them a copy of your Passport. They will advise you how much the duty is. You pay them and they get it out of customs and deliver it to you.

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