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What to expect in In the Market

No, this is not for people investing in stocks. This column will talk about what products you can expect to find in the public markets. While the primary focus will be on fresh food, sometimes there are other things worth mentioning.

This column will start out with the Panajachel public market as its primary focus but that is simply because we are located in Pana. If you live in one of the other towns on the lake or go to other public markets and want to contribute to the discussion, let us know. And, yes, we love photos.


1 comment to What to expect in In the Market

  • I’m very hopeful about your blog. I think you have the foundation for important, and of equal importance, current information.
    My wife and I are considering our first visit to Panajachel and environs later this year. In preparation we’ve researched extensively and now are seeking input from expats with experience in the area. We’ve lived in Chile, France, Hawaii and currently in the US but headed south in the not to distant future. So, we’d like to learn about current home rental rates, what if any opportunities there are for charitable participation. My wife is a physical therapist currently employed as an inpatient provider at a branch of the Roseville Hospital system. I’m an patient advocate (Ombudsman) for geriatrics for the county here in Sacramento, CA. We need information about medical facilities and how their services compare with the US. We’d like to learn about food (we’re lifetime vegetarians). We’d like to learn about gardening potential. We’d like to learn about weather including seasons, humidity and temperatures. We’d also like to learn about bicycling opportunities as were avid cyclists.

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