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Guatemala Discussion List

I used to run a Nicaragua web site and some mailing lists. They were useful tools. The one thing I miss is having a place to ask the “how to” and “where do you find” questions all so common for someone relatively new to a country.

I have decided to start a discussion list to see if we can fill the need. Here are examples of the sort of questions that seem like good examples:

  • Where can you buy a coffee dispulper (a real question for me)?
  • How do you buy a car?
  • What are the transportation options from “A” to “B”?

And, well, lots more. Clearly some of this should end up on a web site but, for now, let’s see what questions are being asked and who has some answers.

Joining The List

This list, along with others, appears on lists.a42.com. I have disabled the “list of lists” page (to decrease SPAM) but you can find out about this list and how to join by going to http://lists.a42.com/listinfo.cgi/guatemala-a42.com

That’s it. Give it a try.

Free Classified Ads

We have decided to try something new — classifieds. Yes, there is OLX and others but we want to try something different.

  1. We want to focus on want ads instead of for sale
  2. We want to focus–at least initially–on the Lake Atitlan area (or, more correctly, the Department of Sololá)
  3. We want to offer a bi-lingual site

The site is now up at ads.AtitlanLife.com so you can check it out and even put up some ads. We have a bit more work to do to get everything working how we want and then we will start a bit of promotion. Let us know what you think.

Adding Another Language

My Spanish is OK and I live in San Antonio Palopó. Here, my Spanish is better than most because, like me, Spanish is the second language of the local. They speak  kachiquel (or however you want to spell it.

On December 26 I realized how large the kachiquel-speaking population is. In our Bed and Breakfast (http://casasderocio.com) we did a free waffle morning. That is we put a free waffles sign on our porton that said 8AM-noon (all in Spanish, of course). We had about 35 people show up with quite a few wanting to take waffles home to mom, their sisters or whatever. I would ask something of them in Spanish and get no answer.

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There Goes the Neighborhood

Pana is getting a traffic light.Panajachecl traffic light

Lake Atitlan Wellness Clinic

Sometimes I do crazy things. (My daughter says most of the time but that’s a different issue.) I have been living in our Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio Palopó for the last year. During that year, Rocio has been living in my house in Panajachel while finishing school in Sololá. The house has been on the market for a while but has not sold. In other words, a pain as I am maintaining a house plus the B&B which has needed a lot of changes/updates.

My part-time maid also works part time in the Lake Atitlan Wellness Clinic, a pretty amazing free clinic. A few weeks ago she told me the clinic was going to have to move. I know about the clinic and it offers a great service to the community. I started thinking “what if I gave my house to them”?

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Need a Hardware Store?

logo-cefesaIf you live in Panajachel, you can find lots of hardware stores and generally what you are looking for. But, other places on the lake you are less lucky. Now that I live in San Antonio I find myself making trips to Pana looking for things. Sometimes it is worth it, sometimes not. Well, it seems like this is now an on-line alternative.

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Earthquakes and Volcanos

A common question I get is “what about the volcanos?”, usually followed by “what about earthquakes”? Dangerous?This is an answer for Lake Atitlan but not a generic answer for Guatemala.

The “executive summary” is “not a problem”. But, let’s go into details.

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Buy My Panajachel House

Panajachel houseLast year I bought a Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio Palopó. It needed some imrpovements before I could really live there but they are now done. So, I am ready to sell my Panajachel house.

Great location (about 100 meters off Calle Santander on a quiet Callejon) with free electricity (really) as a bonus. Asking Q1,700,000. Includes appliances, and some furnishings.

Don’t Panic

Santa MaríaIt’s Santa María and this is pretty normal. I took this photo in San Antonio Palopó, near our B&B but it is far away and on the other side of lots of mountains.

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About the banner photos

I was recently asked where the banner photos came from. The short answer is from my terrace. http://casasderocio.com/about-us/live-cam/ on the web site for our Bed and Breakfast will show you more.

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