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Buy My Panajachel House

Panajachel houseLast year I bought a Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio Palopó. It needed some imrpovements before I could really live there but they are now done. So, I am ready to sell my Panajachel house.

Great location (about 100 meters off Calle Santander on a quiet Callejon) with free electricity (really) as a bonus. Asking Q1,700,000. Includes appliances, and some furnishings.

Don’t Panic

Santa MaríaIt’s Santa María and this is pretty normal. I took this photo in San Antonio Palopó, near our B&B but it is far away and on the other side of lots of mountains.

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About the banner photos

I was recently asked where the banner photos came from. The short answer is from my terrace. http://casasderocio.com/about-us/live-cam/ on the web site for our Bed and Breakfast will show you more.

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Holiday Humor

Today is some sort of holiday. Quite honestly, I don’t keep track. It’s not that there are a lot of them but they usually are something I will forget about in less than a year.

Here, an official holiday means schools, government offices, banks and such are closed but, in general, all the businesses are open. Here are the responses of my daughter’s school and my two full-time employees to this holiday.

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San Antonio Festival

The festival in San Antonio Palopó is coming to a close. For the story, check out http://casasderocio.com/san-antonio-festival/

What’s the Exchange Rate?

The exchange rates listed in the box on the left are best described as typical. Nothing official but what they seem to be. It’s a reasonable guide. But, there is an official rate — different for buying and selling — which is easy to find.

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Semi-private Boat

Three of us (myself and two CasasdeRocio guests) were in San Lucas ready to return to San Antonio Palopó. There is usually a Sunday boat at 1030 but we were told it wasn’t leaving until 1100. Then, magically at 1038 we saw a lot of San Antonians headed for one of the boats. While I was willing to squeeze in, Greg and Lita decided not to. So, I got off and we were quickly approached by the pilot of another boat. He offered us a private trip for Q125.

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Grocery Shopping

If you are new to the area or just a tourist with a stove and refrigerator, knowing what’s available and where to buy it is important. This post is primarily for people on the west side of the lake — from Panajachel to San Lucas.

In all the pueblos you will find an assortment of little tiendas — sometimes more than one in a block — with the basics but what is a basic for a Guatemalan is likely different from a Gringo. In cans you will likely find pop, beans and sardines. In some add beer to the list. In packages you find cooking oil, coffee, rice, sugar, salt and sanitary napkins. Bags of chips. Matches, shoe polish, soap, toilet paper and pretty much nothing more other than maybe some bad white bread and rolls.

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Where Not to Change Your Money

Money FlavorsThe worst place to change your money is in the airport. Think about it: having an exchange booth in the terminal is expensive. And you pay for it.

Recent guests asked me what the exchange rate was suggesting it was about Q6 to the US$. That number came from them changing some money in the airport. It is way off. The official exchange rate is 7.62 and has been between 7.5 and 8.0 for years. If you go to any bank (and have a US$50 or US$100) that is what you will get.

The “bad” exchange rates you will find by going into a local tienda with your US$ will be somewhere between 7 and 7.5. Coyotes on the street generally pay very close to the bank rates as long as it is for $50s and $100s. If you don’t know why I am talking about the larger bills, check out Locuras … .

Sunrise (or) Sunset

San Antonio SunsetIf you are going to stay on the lake, you have a choice of whether you will see a sunrise or a sunset over the hills. It depends on where you are on the lake. At out Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio, sunsets are the big event of the day. The photo at the left was taken by my daughter from the deck of the B&B.

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